Let's Play the Training

Youtn in Action - Action 4.3

April 14th-21st 2013

Summary of the project

"Let’ play the training!" Is a training course for operators who work in youth organizations or addressed to young people, deployed within the framework of the action 4.3. of the Youth in Action Program.

The course aims to disseminate the play methodology among the operators as a tool to promote a positive and satisfactory relationship among the younger generations. Through the game it can be proposed cooperative models, it is possible to aggregate young people enhancing the pleasure of being together and minimize the stress due to difficult economic and social situations.

The project will run for 12 months and will involve 5 European countries: Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, France. After a preparatory phase in which will be developed with the partners the program of the training, we will undertake in Italy a training course lasting 8 days, in which 20 people will assist.

The training will include: history of the game, testing of board games, building of wood games, experience with a Playbus, experience with cooperative games and role play, exchange of good practices among participants about the game, workshops with case studies.

Focus will be on participatory methodologies and will be given ample space to debate and exchange of best practices among participants.

The project will conclude with an evaluation of the experience, through the experimentation in every country of some methods learned during the "Let’s play the Training!

- La formazione è riservata alle organizzazioni partner del progetto - 

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